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From Indecision

Say what you want about Republican gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie, but he knows a little something about the good people of New Jersey. In Texas, they may like candidates who strongly defend the right to bear arms. And in Wisconsin, a fine knowledge of dairy issues might secure you votes. But in New Jersey, it's all about referencing vintage British comedy.

Why else would Christie's campaign have produced a spot lifting old Monty Python footage wholesale while attacking Senator Corzine's alleged plans to hike tolls? It's all about giving the people what they want. And in a rough and tumble state like Jersey, you can't be sweating the small stuff like copyright laws either. That's why Christie apparently posted the spot with no authority from the Pythons. Because, y'know, that's what the kids are doing.

And now Christie's plan's all coming together. Just listen to the press he's getting from New Jersey's favorite adopted sons: Michael "hearts Trenton" Palin and Terry "Jersey City Rocks" Jones…

"I'm surprised that a former U.S. Attorney isn't aware of his copyright infringement when he uses our material without permission. He's clearly made a terrible mistake."

Monty Python's Terry Jones says that the troupe is strongly considering suing the Republican for his copyright infringement:

"It is totally outrageous that a former US Attorney knows so little about the law that he thinks he can rip off people. On the other hand — another of Bush's legal appointees was Alberto Gonzales and he didn't seem to know much about the law either…," Jones said.

With press like that Christie probably doesn't even need to run that second spot about Corzine's liberal agenda over images of Benny Hill patting the old guy on the head.



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