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Patton Oswalt Is A Fudge Sundae with Whipped Cream On Top SNL's Fair and Balanced Fox News Election Night Sketch
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80123213PB084_Premiere_Of_PThe State alum Kevin Allison talks about the art of storytelling. [Comedy Nerds]

Paste magazine has a list of the greatest comedians of the decade. I love all the comedians on the list, but I have to say, there's a few no-shows that are really boiling my blood (this is stuff that really matters, guys!!!). [Paste]

Doug Benson talks about the rigors of his Medical Marijuana Tour, "I wanted to prove that a stoner could go through such a rigorous schedule and not screw it up. And I did." [Best Week Ever]

The Los Angeles Times, a real newspaper with like pages and junk (remember those?), did a nice profile on Funny or Die. [Los Angeles Times]

Colin Quinn fervently defends the right of New Yorkers to jaywalk. That, or he wants to see more New Yorkers get run over by cars. [NY Post]



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