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Colbert Launches "Don't Be an Ice-Hole" Letter Campaign Auto Tune Everything
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58052513On his radio show this morning, Glenn Beck discussed last night's South Park at length. Was he also drowning puppies in his own pee the whole time? I don't know, I'm just asking questions. [Glenn Beck]

Dan Harmon may currently be the creator and show runner of a polished and funny sitcom on network television, but before that, he was the crazy wizard of trippy Channel 101 internet shorts. [Paste]

Speaking of Dan Harmon, the new Community web series Community College Chronicles is pretty great! [NBC]

The Sklar Brothers have a new Sirius Radio sports radio show. If you like sports, but also like sitting motionless in place, this is basically perfect for you. [AST]

The ECNY nominations are now open. You can vote for your favorite New York comedian, sketch or improv group and a bunch of other categories. I voted for Slumdog Millionaire in everything. [ECNY]

Michael Blaiklock from Secret Girlfriend is in this video about how easily super awkward situations can become super duper awkward. [Funny or Die]

From the creator of Family Guy comes every show that is on Fox ever. [College Humor]

Weird Al Yankovic explains auto-tune. There are two things I trust Yankovic to explain to me, ephemeral pop music trends and food. Because of how all of his ephemeral pop music parodies are about food. [Buzzfeed]

I have no idea what is going on in this video with Thomas Lennon and Ben Garant, but I know I am glad that it's labeled part one, because that means we are going to get more. [Funny or Die]

Todd Barry talks about the advantages and disadvantages of performing at music venues, comedy clubs and rock festivals. [Pegasus News]

Greg Giraldo and Michael Ian Black are going to be in a new NBC show, and you can get tickets to the taping. [Punchline]



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