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You Get a Liveblog, You Get a Liveblog, Everybody Gets a Liveblog! Colbert's Best Crackups
by | comments:

faneufI like to kid improv performers. I know they work very hard at their craft, and seeing great improv can be exciting and rewarding. But let's face facts here. When improv is bad, it's really fucking bad. Conversely, there's something I didn't know about improv before today, and it's that when improv is badass, it's really fucking badass.

If all the world’s a stage, then comedian Daniel Faneuf is in the running for best fight scene, having gotten the better of a mugger who held him at gunpoint – in real life, according to police and the comic himself…

Faneuf grabbed the assailant and reversed the gun toward his chest, according to Faneuf, who believes his improv training is largely responsible for his quick action under duress.

Talk about following the fear. Del Close? More like Del Clothesline In the Neck.

The weapon turned out to be a pellet gun, but Faneuf didn't know that at the time. The mugger probably didn't even need a gun. If his object work had been up to par, Faneuf would have yes-and'ed it anyway (all the improv nerds get these references, right?)

Just to give you some insight into this Daniel Faneuf character, I looked up his Improv Asylum bio page. Here's what it says about him:

Daniel is very proud and excited to begin his second revue with the Main Stage. Daniel comes from Improv Asylum’s NXT cast, Improv Asylum’s Touring Company and the infamous cast of Suffolk University’s Improv Comedy Troupe “Seriously Bent.” Enjoy the show.

Nowhere on there do they mention his ability to pistol whip bitches upside the head…

“Eventually I have the barrel of the gun in one hand, and I’m holding him down with my other hand,” Faneuf said, adding that he resorted to pistol-whipping the still-resistant mugger – until the gun shattered into pieces on the ground.

The interesting thing about this story is that this is the first time improv has been used to fight back a mugger. Before this point, the technique had only been used to fight back audiences. ZING! Please don't beat me up!



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