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Max Silvestri Lets Us In On the Exercise Secrets of the Comedy Pros The Real Message of Obama's Afghanistan Speech: No More Pizza In America
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90580740RK064_ATP_New_York_Jon Glaser's incredible Adult Swim series Delocated now has a Tumblr blog that you should all follow on your blogging dashboard device feeds. [De(b)lo(g)cated]

Todd Barry has New England tour dates coming up in December. He's hitting up Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and San Francisco (not part of New England, I know, but whatevs). Click on the link to check out the venues and dates. [Todd Barry]

Eugene Mirman is going to be covering the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. If we don't act now, our planet will be so polluted by the time the coverage is completed, only cockroaches will be around to watch it. [Eugene Mirman]

Theo Von and Erik Anders Johnson created the next summer winter jam about girls who are on Twitter. [YouTube]

Do you guys remember Irwin Correy, stand-up comedian, Smother Brother's alum and star of 1976's Car Wash? Well, my friend talked to him and for a 95 year-old man, the dude really likes pot. [Heeb Magazine]

Kenny Loggins is not alright and I think we need to worry 'bout him. Please, Louise, pull him offa' his knees. [Landline TV]

Will Ferrell says he wants to play Simon Cowell one day. If Ferrell starts tweaking his own nipples right now, maybe one day they will be as pointy as Simon Cowell's. [Show Biz Spy]

Matthew McConaughey is developing an animated sitcom based on his brother. I hope with the money he makes off the deal, McConaughey can finally afford a shirt. [Variety]



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