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Colbert Talks Aliens with Vatican Astronomer On the First Day of Christmas, Maria Bamford Gives Us a LOLtridge in a LOLtree
by | comments:

The latest episode of Digg's web-series Diggnation features special guest John Hodgman and was recorded at his house. In it, Hodgman sings the praises of the great David Rees and declares himself ecumenical in the Star Wars/Trek civil war. It's worth watching. In fact, from what I understand, the commenters in the Digg community have bestowed some of their most glowing accolades on it, calling the episode, "not tottaly fucken gay!" while declaring, "if you don't liek this your ritarted!" and "Nickelback sucks!"

John Hodgman's More Information Than Your Require is now available in paperback and audioback. No word on its release in Nickelback.



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