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Kids in the Hall's Death Comes to Town Has a Trailer Before They Get Stale: Mr. Burns, Artie Lange and Eddie Izzard
by | comments:

It's the holidays! Or should I say holi-daze?! (no, I shouldn't) Kurt Braunohler is mixing up some good ol' fashioned New Orleans holiday cookin', and he's got a special celebrity chef guest, one whose name happens to rhyme with *HINT HINT* Shmemeril Shmagasse. Is it Mario Batali? You'll just have to watch to find out!

There are a bunch more episodes of Holiday Cookin'. Click here to watch 'em all.

I've also posted a second video after the jump. Enjoy.

Hey, it's Scrooge! Just like in that new Robert Zemeckis film about a rich elderly man who has everything but is then visited by ghosts who frighten him into spending his few remaining years on this godforsaken Earth being annoyingly cheerful. In 3D!!!

Also, sometimes he is a duck or something.



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