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The Onion Takes Friendster Down a Few More Notches Comedy Central Makes All of Daniel Tosh's Dreams Come True
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91161155RK016_It_Came_from_Eugene Mirman's coverage of the Copenhagen Climate Conference is pretty irresponsible. All of the laughter resulting from these videos is causing increased carbon dioxide emissions, which is killing all the polar bears. [Eugene Mirman]

Moshe Kasher was picked by iTunes as the best new comic. Congrats! [PR Web]

That song Christmas Shoes is becoming a comedy favorite. First Patton Oswalt skewered it, and now The Dan Band created this parody music video. [Funny or Die]

Gabe and Max's look back at all of the 00's highlights, like President Jim McCain, Adult Friend Finder and dice games of chance. [Max Silvestri]

The Life and Times of Tim just got renewed for a second season and will be partnered with The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. [Variety]

Due to the fiftieth anniversary, there's been a ton of interesting articles about Second City recently. Here's two of 'em. [NY Times, TIME]

Todd Phillips talks about the unexpected success of The Hangover, "You make a movie so people will see it, but I would’ve never thought it would’ve been the highest R-rated comedy of all time or whatever." [Crave Online]

Finally, the Dangerous Minds/Harry Potter mash-up parody we've all been waiting for. "If you can rap, you can cast spells." [College Humor]

You know that Simpsons poster that has every popular character in it? It hangs on basically every dorm room wall ever. For the 20th Anniversary, it's been redesigned to include even more characters. Overwhelming! [The Live Feed]

We now have a premiere date for Jerry Seinfeld's new show The Marriage Ref. It will premiere March 14. [Punchline]



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