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Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten Creating New Sketch Show The Comedy Central Insider Boilerplate Interview: Josh Sneed
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59254883You remember that show about college football that came to you in a dream? Well, now there's a series called Blue Mountain State that is about that. You should have patented your dreams! [Spike]

Tom Papa is going to host the Jerry Seinfeld-produced The Marriage Ref. Here he is explaining his role, "My role in that regard is to be adorable and hilarious." [Punchline]

Speaking of Jerry Seinfeld, he chimed in about the Leno/Conan debacle. [The Live Feed]

So did Patton Oswalt. [TV Squad]

Aziz Ansari is guest blogging over at GQ. Also, this post includes video of his appearance on The Sometime At Night Show with Some White Guy. [GQ]

Man, the Chicago Sketchfest sounds like it was awesome! I wish I could have gone. [Chicago Tribune]

Sean McCarthy, who comedy blogs over at the Comic's Comic, spent his weekend saving a man's life! Meanwhile, the writers of Comedy Central Insider spent their weekend illegally downloading the third season of Small Wonder. [Variety]

Bob Costas talks about Stephen Colbert, "He is not a jerk. He's a genius." [Vancouver Sun]



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