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Comedy Central and the South Beach Comedy Festival want to help you AddressTheMess by recycling your old electronics (mobile phones, computer monitors, computers, printers fax machines, keyboards, TV, VCRs, stereos, home & office phones, cell phones, and consumer electronics)—so Scrap Your Crap for FREE this January.

We’ll kick off the fun at the Whole Foods in Coral Gables where everyone is invited to drop off their unwanted electronics on Saturday, January 16th from 10am to 4pm.  WBGG 105.9 & WMIA 93.9 will be on hand from 12pm-4pm to thank e-scrappers for doing the right thing with big prize giveaways including a VIP package to the Comedy Festival, Whole Foods & Staples gift cards, and lots more. ECOMB & E-Planet will also be on hand to ensure proper e-waste disposal and answer your environmental questions. Then, the Staples location in South Beach (5thst. & Alton) takes over by generously offering customers FREE electronics recycling January 17th – 31st.  As an added bonus, Comedy Festival attendees can present their show program at any Miami Whole Foods Markets through February 7 and receive a free reusable Better Bag.

Please note: microwaves, smoke alarms, thermometers, dehumidifiers, large appliances or any unit with sludge or liquids can not be accepted. Staples will only be collecting desktops, laptops, and printers with a limit of two items per customer. For a complete list of acceptable items and more details on the event, visit or

Comedy Central’s AddressTheMess would like to thank Comcast & Atlantic Broadband for their generous support; without them, these efforts to support a more environmentally friendly South Florida would not be possible.

Due to the recent catastrophic earthquake in Haiti, Comedy Central is encouraging the Miami community to come visit AddressTheMess, where they can now drop off nonperishable items in addition to e-ware recyclables.

AddressTheMess is still collecting e-ware recyclables like old cell phones and computers, and all proceeds from the recycling of these collections will go to Haiti relief funds – but they want to open the collection to include immediate forms of relief to those hit hardest – this means clothing, blankets, canned food items, bottled water – basic necessities that can provide comfort and aid sooner than later during this critical time period.



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