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Entourage Hugs It Out on Spike Tonight Before They Get Stale: Tom Papa, Patton Oswalt and Aziz Ansari
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57572394It hasn't been a great week for television comedy news. Leno?! Conan?! Come on, TV, get it together! But it looks like someone in TV is doing a good job at doing their job

Dana Carvey is plotting a TV comeback, partnering with scribe-turned-TV host Spike Feresten to develop and star in a new sketch comedy series for Fox.

The last time Dana Carvey created his own sketch show, it resulted in The Dana Carvey Show, which was brilliant. And then it got cancelled because the world is a cold dark place run by heartless husks.

Hopefully this time Carvey and Spike Feresten (who was a writer on The Dana Carvey Show) will be able to create a great sketch show that everyone loves.

Carvey and Feresten said their new show will be slightly more mainstream than projects they've worked on in the past.

"There will be more accessibility to the conceit," Carvey said. "The dryness or subversive elements will be a bit more subtle and less alternative."

So, I take it this show won't begin with a sketch where the current president breast-feeds a litter of puppies? Damn!

Carvey and one-time Seinfeld scribe Feresten hinted that they might enlist friends and fellow comedians to participate in the show as well.

"We have a lot of friends, and want to play with our friends," Carvey said.

Okay, I am on board! Good luck and Godspeed this time around, guys!

After the jump, I've posted a Dana Carvey Show sketch that seems relevant to the current late night TV shuffle going on.

I'm usually pretty liberal, but I demand unilateral military intervention immediately!



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