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58372475Anyone that knows me knows I am not Mr. Exercise. I don't know why anyone would do anything other than sitting, eating or some combination of the two. So it's going to be really interesting reading Eddie Izzard's upcoming book about why he ran 1,100 miles around Britain…

Eddie Izzard is to write a book about his 1,110-mile run around Britain, in a publishing deal worth ‘a very significant’ six-figure sum.

The book – due out in September – promises to examine his motivations for running 43 consecutive marathons, as well as describing his reactions to the places he visited en route.

Forty-three marathons?! That's some Forrest Gump type shit right there. But unlike Forrest Gump, Izzard didn't just do this because he likes to run a lot. He was doing this in order to raise money for charity.

Izzard raised more than £200,000 for Sport Relief from his efforts, traveling with his tour manager, a sports therapist and an ice-cream van, which dispensed free ice-creams to supporters.

Ice cream?! I love ice cream! I wish his upcoming book was made out of ice cream and I could read it while I sat and ate.

After the jump, there's a video from Chortle featuring Izzard at the end of his mammoth run.



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