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Exclusive Colbert Outtake: Zach Lund's G-Spot This Sunday: Sinbad – Where U Been?
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Asked about the Facebook campaign to get her an SNL hosting gig, Betty White told Diane Sawyer, "They just dig old ladies." [ABC News]

Conan O'Brien is going to do a series of live shows before returning to TV, just as soon as he's done kissing this dolphin. [my pop culture brain]

Aziz Ansari convinced his cousins to join Twitter. Tweetlarity ensues. [Aziz is Bored]

Morgan Murphy, Eugene Mirman and Hannibal Buress are among those profiled in this piece about up-and-coming comics from YRB Magazine's comedy issue which also features interviews with Stella and Artie Lange. [YRB]

William Shatner has been cast as the dad in the Shit My Dad Says sitcom, or as I'm hoping they'll now rename it, Shit My Shat Shays. [THR]

Ian Roberts promotes his and Matt Walsh's new Spike series Players by doing "1 Guy, 1 Cup." Grosslarity ensues. [the comic's comic]

Nick Thune on his future with Jay Leno, "We’ll see what happens, but they have told me they want me to go with them to The Tonight Show and to continue to do my pieces, but I think they’re going to have less of those pieces and have less correspondents. I think I’ll still have a place to go on TV, and to do my stuff for the time being." [Punchline]

Another day, another Woody Allen movie starring Owen Wilson and the first lady of France. [Risky Business]

Brett Gelman helps Topher Grace and Kate Bosworth understand the subtext of their cancer drama. NSFW cum-beardlarity ensues. [Funny or Die]

Where have all the Cosby sweater gone? [BuzzFeed]

The improv documentary Trust Us, This Is All Made Up is now streaming on Netflix. [aspecialthing]

[Image via TMZ]



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