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I Went to the UCB Sneak Peek Preview of Ugly Americans Maria Bamford Is Mayor Kadoody on The Sarah Silverman Program
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The news that Lewis Black is planning a comedy cruise is pretty surprising to me, but then again, every new day is a surprise wrapped by God's loving bony fingers. [Lewis Black Comedy Cruise]

Juggalo News somehow more professional than any other muthafuckin' neden hole networks. [Atom]

Zach Galifianakis interviews author John Wray. Or is it John Wray that is interviewing comic Zach Galifianakis? The snake is eating its own tail! (I don't know what that metaphor means either). [Picador]

Alison Brie, who stars in Community (as well as Mad Men. Very good resume, Alison Brie!) is interviewed in this interview. [AV Club]

The new Ed Hardy Boyz is so epic and, no offense, but it hopes to impregnant all of you and your big naturals. [Funny or Die]

Derek Waters and Jeremy Kronner talk about the making of Drunk History. [MakingOf]

RAAAAAAAANDY and Dave Siteck just dropped their first single from their upcoming mixtape. Aziz better start wearing a bullet proof vest, 'cause he's trying to start beefs with every coast ever. [Aziz is Bored]

Hey, there's a new Auto-Tune the News. Good job! [YouTube]



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