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Demetri Martin and Fred Willard Finish the Robot Colbert Cheers Up Canada
by | comments:

To really understand the blues, you need to have lived a life full of suffering and hardship. For example, the other day the battery on my iPod died while I was on the subway, and I couldn't hear the rest of This American Life. I'd have sold my soul to the devil just to hear Ira's soothing PRI voice once more. Robert Johnson knows what I'm talking about.

That's why I'm glad comedy and blues are finally joining forces. The House of Blues and Comedy Central have come together to bring us Comedy Central's House of Comedy

“Since COMEDY CENTRAL’s launch 19 years ago, we have been approached dozens of times to partner in a comedy venue.  The House of Blues venues encapsulate the COMEDY CENTRAL sensibility and further extends our relationship with Live Nation,” said Mitch Fried, SVP, COMEDY CENTRAL Live Entertainment.   “With Live Nation and its House of Blues venues, we have found the perfect companions to expand our thriving touring business and grow the COMEDY CENTRAL brand outwards and off channel.”

In addition to the live shows, there will be two specials filmed…

COMEDY CENTRAL will also tape two one-hour stand-up specials from House of Blues venues with the first special being taped in Boston on April 16 (Ed note: date has been changed to May 21).

The first show will feature the musical comedy stylings of Bo Burnham. You can find more information about the show here and you can purchase tickets here.



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