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Comedy Central Orders Workaholics from Mail Order Comedy Before They Get Stale: Bob Odenkirk, Maria Bamford and Tracy Morgan
by | comments:

Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts are busy promoting their new show Players, and they are "playing" the press junket "game" of being "interviewed" by "vapid, stupid morning show hosts." Also, there's a very specific reason this first video reminds me of Stand By Me. Try to guess why!

Very good work, guys! Keep up the vomiting! There are a few more viral videos from these two Upright alums. Click after the jump to watch 'em.

Players premieres tonight at 10:30pm / 9:30c on Spike.

In this next video, we learn that when someone offers you a gift, you appreciate that gift and you cherish it and you don't throw away our love, Emily! Oops, sorry, I just had a flashback to that one time I had my heartbroken beyond repair. Enjoy this funny video.

One more video? Yes, one more video!



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