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Bill Hicks Is Cooler Than All Of Us: The Documentary Epic Beard Man: A Retrospective
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Lorne Michaels and Seth Meyers were on a panel talking about SNL. Here's some warbly streaming audio of the event. It's as interesting as it is warbly! [New Yorker via Comic's Comic]

Chelsea Peretti and Jen Kirkman dispense some sex advice. [Nerve]

A new Police Academy film is in the works featuring the original producer Steve Maslansky. Steve Maslansky was easily my favorite and the most memorably component of the Police Academy films. [MTV Movies Blog]

Reno 911!'s Niecy Nash has been announced as a Dancing With The Stars contestant. [The Insider]

The internet's Scott Gairdner controls the internet's Josh Ruben in a video from the internet's College Humor. The internet just imploded. [Scott Gairdner]

Tracy Morgan is going to be in more movies because of course Tracy Morgan is going to be in more movies. [Deadline Hollywood]

Jerry Seinfeld performed stand-up on Late Show with David Letterman. [Comic's Comic]

The pop culture nerds over at the AV Club seem to have gotten into a bit of a comedy kick, starting a new column and listing their favorite comedy albums. [Laugh Track, Favorite Comedy Albums]



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