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by | comments:

So I went to the Ugly Americans screening last night, and I think that show should be called Very Good Americans, because it was a very good show. I got to the screening, and it was pretty packed. I guess people like free food and beer followed by a free screening of a funny show. Weird!

Before we get to the actual screening of Ugly Americans, let's talk about food. I like food. I feel a little bad because they kept running out of food and it was my fault because I had like four platefuls over the course of two hours. But I didn't really feel that bad because I am a growing boy, and I need my vitamins.

Click after the jump to continue reading my report from the Ugly Americans screening.

Ugly Americans premieres March 17 at 10:30pm / 9:30c, after an all-new episode of South Park.

So we had some free beer and food, and then it was time to start the show. First, show creator Devin Clark came out to introduce the pilot.

This guy, right here.

He mentioned that the show-runner was David Stern and at first I was like, "National Basketball Association Commissioner David Stern?!!" But then I realized he was talking about this David Stern. That's right, the guy who wrote several classic Simpsons episodes including Bart Gets an F, Kamp Krusty and Duffless. Wow, what a great resume! I hope both of us aren't up for the same job position anytime soon!

Oh, also Matt Oberg, who voices the character of Mark, was in the audience.

Hello, Matt Oberg

I know he looks a little evil in that picture, but that is perfect, because Ugly Americans has characters in it who are evil. Also, he usually doesn't look that evil, I just happened to take that photo from a spooooooky camera.

So then the show started, and it was all like this…

And we were all like this…

So, I didn't realize this at the time, but the animation on Ugly Americans is produced by Augenblick Studios, who animated the amazing Superjail!, as well as a bunch of other great stuff. And it looks amazing! The writing on the show was really tight and smart, and I honestly loved it.

I know I'm writing this from a Comedy Central blog, but I 100% think you should watch this show, because it is one of my favorite pilots I've seen recently. Very good work, network I work for!

Here's a clip!



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