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Comedy Central Presents Interview: Shane Mauss In Case You Missed the Academy Awards
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Andy Richter speaks! On Live! With Regis and Kelly Lee, he spoke very frankly about his feelings toward NBC and Jay Leno. [Gawker]

Speaking of, is Conan okay? He's started eight separate Twitter accounts. Are we sure he hasn't been absorbed into his own computer, Tron: Legacy style? [Flavorwire]

Patton Oswalt is writing a one-off Firefly spin-off comic book because he wanted to see if geeks' heads would collectively explode upon hearing the news. [MTV Splashpage]

Mike Epps and Snoop Dogg are doing a comedy tour together. [Punchline]

The guy extorting David Letterman in the recent scandal just got sentenced to six months. [Deadline Hollywood]

Rob Cantrell sings a sexy, soothing song about foot pain. Also, comedian Victor Varnado directed the music video. [Vimeo]

Paramount may produce an unfinished John Hughes screenplay called Grisbys Go Broke. [THR]

Janeane Garofalo talks about being called a "political comedian," when it is just one aspect of her stand-up. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Howabout watching a video of William Shatner reading @shitmydadsays tweets? Don't mind if I do. [Huffington Post]



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