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Colbert Warns of Contaminated Pringles Before They Get Stale: Andy Richter, Patton Oswalt and Rob Cantrell
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Last week, we told you about Shane Mauss's new album on Comedy Central Records. And this week, you can see his Comedy Central Presents when it premieres Friday at 11pm / 10c. At this rate, I can only assume that we'll soon see the release of a Shane Maussmobile from Comedy Central Motors and a Shane Mauss duvet cover from Comedy Central Linens. Until then, here's a little interview Shane did for us:

My secret is…
I never read The Secret.

Word of advice…
If you’re ever in a job interview and they ask you what animal you would like to have sex with… that is a trick question. Or even more likely, you misheard them.

I'm not hilarious when I…
…do interviews for the Comedy Central Insider Blog or when I perform orthopedic surgery (hobby).

Bill collectors…
…aren’t funny. Unless they are collectors of people named Bill. Then… nevermind. Still wouldn’t be funny but at least I’d be in the clear.

It's inappropriate to…
…spam people

Imitation is…
…the sincerest of flattery.
-Charles Caleb Colton

Most memorable heckle…
First prize – Once before even coming to the stage I was getting booed by a bunch of people there to see Pauly Shore and upset that someone was going to be before him. Imagine having 600 people that are dumb enough to want to see Pauly Shore yelling and swearing at you for no reason. It was pretty interesting.

Silver Metal – During a show in Baltimore (the worst city in the country), a very classy women gave her date a handy during the act before me which sucked because then I had to go on stage with a boner. I got on stage and tried to tell everyone and no one would believe me. Then later the club had to kick them out for being too loud and the guy had to pull his pants up and pull himself together. It was the only cool thing that has ever happened in Baltimore in the history of Baltimore.

And that’s why it says on my bio: “Shane Mauss, so funny you’ll give or receive a hand job.”

A memoir by you…
The Difficulties of Anal Sex

Definition of road-tail is…
…the crazy pussy. Like clinically insane. Like her vagina has bipolar disorder where one minute her vagina decides it’s going to be an astronaut and the next it starts sobbing. (Is it good or bad when vaginas cry? I forget the rules.) Also, hopefully she doesn’t have a tail.

My extreme energy drink would be called…
…Vodka RedBull hold the RedBull.

How would you like the world to end?
Quickly but at least long enough to see how it all goes down. I don’t want it to end in a nuclear holocaust. I want something that is really pathetic and embarrassing for humanity but still exciting. Like a race war or maybe a straight vs gay war that the gays win somehow. Is it weird that I want to be raped and pillaged by an army of super gays?

There's a preview from Shane's CCP after the jump along with an online-exclusive clip from the show.



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