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The Internet Will End in 2038 Colbert's Best Gay Marriage Moments
by | comments:

There are two new episodes of Comedy Central Presents this Friday, and we've got two new fill-in-the-blank interviews with the comics. Keep an eye out for Rachel Feinstein's interview later this week, but first here's a quick Q&A with The Sklar Brothers, the funniest identical twin brother comedy duo since Burns and Allen.

Word of advice…
…if you see a man in his 60's in public and he's not wearing a shirt and he's at least 6 blocks from the beach, leave him alone, he's crazy.

Our Secret is…
…The Secret. We just say what we want and manifest it. Once we said we wanted some Secret and then went to a drug store and bought women's deodorant. It really works guys.

Glenn Beck…
…isn't funny (like he used to be — now he's just sad.) And did you know that every time Glenn Beck cries a mosquito gets its wings.

Our extreme energy drink would be called…
…Tiger's Milk — and it's slogan: "Is he in you?"

The title of our personal memoir…
"Dancing With The Sklars," ghost written by Patrick Swayze's ghost with foreword by Whoopi Goldberg.

After the jump, you'll find a preview of Randy and Jason's CCP along with a web-only outtake.

Comedy Central Presents The Sklar Brothers premieres Friday at 11:30pm / 10:30c.



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