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Landline TV Leaks Iron Man 2 Trailer Sans CGI Recreating Magic
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Is Seth Meyers's story of a boner ghost all the work of a prankster Will Forte? We may never know! [Videogum]

Tim and Eric posed for a sexy Maxim photo-shoot, "'We look like bearded trannies,' [Tim Heidecker]  says, sounding pleased. Wareheim adjusts his man-boobs. 'We’re gonna get so raped.'" [Maxim]

George Carlin's bit about giving golf courses to the homeless came true. [Sandpaper Suit]

Mike Myers is reportedly signing up for a fourth Austin Powers movie. Probably because the original trilogy left too many loose-ends/unexplored catchphrases. [NY Post]

With IFC picking up the Onion News Network, Death Comes to Town, The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret and Dead Set, it looks like they're trying to reposition themselves as a comedy network. [Variety]

Cisco is having a contest for it's Flip camera where it will use submitted videos in it's new ad. Stephen Colbert submitted his own flip cam video. Yes, there is a dog in it! [Do You Flip? via No Fact Zone]

Mo'Nique wants to keep her focus on comedy, "In doing all this press, now that I've won the Oscar, they want to ask me about being a dramatic actress. I'm a stand-up comedian." [Merced Sun Star]

Craig Ferguson talks about his voice role in How To Train Your Dragon, which I guess he's in. Neat! [Reuters]



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