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Recreating Magic Conan 'Virtually Committed' To Fox, Ricky Gervais Show Renewed and More
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Yesterday we gave you an interview with The Sklar Brothers, who, as you know, are identical twin brothers. To the best of my knowledge, Rachel Feinstein is not identical twin brothers, but she does have a Comedy Central Presents premiering Friday, and she was nice enough to fill in some blanks for us.

I'm a comedian and I'm…
…worth it.

Word of advice…
Never bathe a horse outside in the winter.

I'm not hilarious when I'm…
…being physically assaulted.

My secret is…
…like most jews, both my eyes are made of glass and sulphur.

Imitation is…
…satisfying. It's good to take the people that are dearest to you and make them sound absurd and grotesque.

Most memorable heckle…
On my 22nd birthday. I told the crowd that it was my 22nd birthday and this woman screamed, "22 years of not being funny" and slowly high fived her entire table.

A memoir by you…
" Nobody Laughs at Me and Gets Away It"

Soap box to haters…
FYI, I pistol whipped my own grandfather at his funeral for looking at me sideways.

Definition of road-tail…
All you have to do is whisper some Lil John in my ear, it doesn't matter what city I'm in, you'll be inside of me shortly.

My extreme energy drink would be called…
…Jew's Revenge

How would you like the world to end?
I'll leave that up to HIM. I never interfere with HIS work. If he wants to end the world like a complete DOUCHE, so it shall be. Hallelujah!

Comedy Central Presents Rachel Feinstein premieres Friday at 11pm / 10c, followed by Comedy Central Presents The Sklar Brothers.

After the jump, you can see two previews from the show.



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