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From Indecision

Remember Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari? Sure you do. He was the one who was locked up for being a spy for Mossad by a humor-impaired Iranian government after being interviewed by Jason Jones on The Daily Show.

Well, if you still don't remember, you can probably just wait for the movie version. The one that's being produced by Jon Stewart

[A]fter Jon Stewart met Bahari on his show, Stewart… decided to purchase the life rights to Bahari’s life, which is the subject of a forthcoming non-fiction book, and turn it into a feature project. There's not yet any studio involvement, but Stewart’s production company, Busboy Productions, is seeking a writer and director to take on the project.

And thus was born the Untitled Maziar Bahari project. “The Daily Show” producer, Rich Korson, along with Jon Stewart, will be producing the pic.

Wow! This movie is gonna be off-the-hook hilarious! Muslim fundamentalists, Iranian prisons, harrowing interrogations and forced confessions. I'm ROFLing already!

Here's Jon's interview with Bahari after he was released from prison and allowed to return to the West…

And you can see the original segment with Jason Jones after the jump.

The Daily Show airs Monday through Thursday at 11pm / 10c.

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