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Bobby Moynihan Seems Really Nice Tosh.0: Meet the Staff with Alison and EJ
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Steve Carell was weatherman for a day for a British station. I guess he finally crossed "being on television" off his bucket list. APRIL FOOLS! HE'S ON TELEVISION A LOT! [ONTD]

Here's an article about Tom Shiller's long lost 1984 cult classic starring Bill Murray, Nothing Lasts Forever. I hope someone releases this on DVD soon! [LA Weekly]

Victor Varnado talks about The Awkward Comedy Show, which is airing April 9 at 12am / 11c on Comedy Central, "The way that it was shot and put together was more like the old school comedy concert movies…” [AHN]

The Mighty Boosh film is going to be set in The Arctic. Very cool! Get it? Because it is pretty cold over there. [Chortle]

Mike Birbiglia is great, and he happens to be performing from April 8-11 at Carolines in New York. You should check it out. [Carolines]

Tim and Eric directed some great commercials for Old Spice. [Videogum]

I love the Muppets Studio internet videos so much, and their Easter-themed bunny video is no exception. [The Daily What]

Rob Corddry has a serious problem, "I’ve since tried to eradicate sarcasm from my life, from my day-to-day, at the request of my wife and all my friends. It’s hard, it’s really hard. I’m like an alcoholic but with sarcasm." [NY Mag]

Precious's Gabourdey Sibide is going to host an episode of SNL. Because when I think of that movie, I immediately think of laffs. [Just Jared]

Ben Stiller may star in Noah Baumbach's adaptation of Mr. Popper's Penguins. Children simply love Greenberg, so this makes a lot of sense. [Variety]



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