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Elephant Larry Has a New Video and a New Sketch Show For You To Watch Sean Hannity, In His Natural Environment
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Mike Birbiglia is is headlining at Carolines this weekend. Here are some interviews to remind you guys that he is great and that you should catch him if you can. [The Apiary, Punchline]

Sara Benincasa is interviewed in the latest A Tight Five. Here's a great quote: "People in the midwest are sexual freaks." [Punchline]

Norm MacDonald doesn't want to be a talk show host, "…I have very little curiosity about people in general… I’d interview people that I was interested in, but it’d be very difficult for me to interview a 25-year-old actress." [AV Club]

Looks like Jerry Seinfeld is finally going to be able to afford that private island for his cars. The Marriage Ref just got renewed. [NY Times]

I guess sometimes The Onion's Joe Garden and Carol Kolb go on The Martha Stewart Show just to hang out. That's the only explanation for this. [Martha Stewart]

Here's some behind-the-scenes footage from Tina Fey and Steve Carell's Date Night. It's really just someone pointing a camera at the cast and crew at work, but maybe you are one of those Date Night completists. I DON'T KNOW! [Making Of]

Reese Waters landed a spot on a sports talk show from Versus called The Daily Line. [Versus via Comic's Comic]

Don't misquote Ricky Gervais! He doesn't like it when you misquote him! He was understandably upset when British GQ accidentally attributed him with an old Bob Hoskins quote. [Popeater]

What happens when England's Robert Popper and America's Tim Heidecker meet? I'm not sure, but it's really weird. [Robert Popper via Videogum]



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