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Demetri Martin Explores Space Sarah Wrote a Book!
by | comments:

Comedy Central Presents Matt Braunger premieres this Friday night at 11pm / 10c. He's really funny, and I'm not just saying that because I'm required to by an edict in the bylaws of the secret society of dude's named Matt. I would say he's funny even if we hadn't ritualistically sacrificed a platypus with Matts Dillon, Modine and Drudge last weekend.

Anyway, you can see some clips from the special after the jump, but first here's a short interview Matt was kind enough to do for us.

I'm a comedian and I'm…
…glad people pay attention to my comedy. Otherwise I'd be just another crazy guy yelling on the bus.

Word of advice…
The key to life is to just keep improving your problems. You're always gonna have them, just make them better.

It's inappropriate to…
…pee onstage, unless it's that kind of a show.

Imitation is…
…fucked up, unless you're an imitationist.

My extreme energy drink would be called…
BRAUNGER!!! It would have an illustration on the label of me throwing a car into a lake. Also, the commercials would be like the old Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull ads, except I would come through the wall instead of a bull. The ads would still feature .38 Special and Kool & the Gang.

How would you like the world to end?
I like the idea of the Rapture, where God takes some people to heaven but leaves some behind. Then after like two days he comes back and says, "Did I get you guys or what? Just fooling around. Come on, let's go."



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