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Jersey Shore Is Out; Pauly Shore Is In (Hopefully) Stephen Colbert Reveals the Alternate Tiger Woods Nike Ads
by | comments:

This story is already being passed around the interwebs, and people (people=comedy nerds) seem fairly excited. We're excited too! The hilarious Chris Gethard, an improv/stand-up comedian working mainly out of UCB, has taken the lead role in the upcoming Comedy Central (Hey, that's us) series produced by Gary Sanchez productions, which is run by Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

Gethard, who will be joining Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell, couldn't be more well-cast in the part of a sad-sack forced to move back in with his parents. Did that come off as a back-handed compliment? What I meant to say is, Gethard is a hilarious and sympathetic performer who will knock this out of the park.

Previously, Gethard had made a name for himself by organizing stunts like a bus tour of his childhood and making this guy feel like a rock star for a day. He also recently got P. Diddy to agree to show up to his UCB show "The Chris Gethard Show."

Either way, the show sounds awesome! Congrats to Chris Gethard!

After the jump, I've embedded some clips from The Chris Gethard Show at UCB.

Very good casting decision, network I work for!



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