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by | comments:

Type "The Weasel" Into Google and what's the first result you get? Pauly Shore.

Not only is he still alive (contrary to his 2003 film Pauly Shore Is Dead), but recently he worked together with Funny or Die to make an exclusive video aptly named, "The Morning After w/ Pauly Shore".

The name says it all. The clip shows what happens when one of the most awkward situations of the modern world is counteracted by one of the most awkward men in history. But why? Why Pauly Shore? Why almost 15 years after he gloriously trapped himself in the Biodome? Because the internet sucked at the time? I don't buy it.

Perhaps the clip is illustrating a theory in complete anti-awkwardisms, or maybe the world is finally trying to give some long deserved dimension and respect to our long lost encino-man. Either way, this clip is worth a watch, and I don't know about you, but after work I'm going to head to the nearest slushy machine and weeze up the ju-ice.

-Intern Michael Sutton



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