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Nick Kroll & Donald Glover Interview: "Make Stuff" Demetri Martin Is In Control
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You might know Bret Ernst from Vince Vaughn's Wild West Comedy Tour. Or maybe you've seen him hosting Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too on Oxygen. Or perhaps you recognize him from your family reunion, you know, on the off-chance you're Bret Ernst's cousin. Whatever the case, be sure to tune-in for Comedy Central Presents Bret Ernst tomorrow night at 11pm / 10c. You can see some clips below, but first here's a short interview we did with Bret.

I'm a comedian, and I'm…
Bret Ernst, and that's Bret with one "T", not two. My whole life, people have taken the liberty to spell it with two "T's," and it has become a personal crusade to let people know that there are Brets out there who spell their name with one "T." I asked my mom why she spelled it with one, and she told me that she researched the name and that the masculine version of the name is spelled that way. See, my name is androgynous, and the feminine version is with two "T's" (i.e. Brett Butler, Brett Sommers.) So all you male Brets out there who spell your name with two "T's," you all are little bitches!

Imitation is…

My secret is…
I'm a sucker for movies about animals, real or animated (especially when they talk.) I don't know why, but any movie where guinea pigs save the planet, or there is a dog playing basketball, I'm all over that shit!

Word of advice…
Whatever you do, do not watch "Marley and Me!" If you related to my answer above, DO NOT WATCH THAT MOVIE! You don't see it coming, and next thing you know, your life is ruined and you're crying like a little bitch (even if you do spell your name with one "T").

Definition of Road Tail…
It's The Comedy Gods' way of saying, "Hey kid, look… you're not getting paid shit so here's your reward… A chubby "6" with Daddy issues who will let you do things to her because she thinks you're famous (even though you are still renting.) Good thing The Comedy Gods also give you 1/2 off on drinks at the bar… It helps when accepting their gifts.

How would you like the world to end?
I think it would be hilarious if a flying saucer came down, and Marshall Applewhite (leader of the Heaven's Gate cult) comes out, grabs his crotch, and says "Suck on this… who's crazy now?" And then flies away. The whole world would be like "What the fuck… are you serious??!!!"



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