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Comedy Central Orders More Ugly Americans Colbert Commemorates 4/20
by | comments:

As you know, this Friday is World Book and Copyright Day. I don't know about you, but last year I got pretty out of hand with all the unbridled debauchery that WBCD is infamous for. I'd prefer to not wake up naked in the dumpster behind the Humane Society the next morning again, so this year I'm taking it easy and spending the holiday at home, watching Comedy Central Presents.

This week's featured comics are Eliot Chang and Mike DeStefano. We'll have an interview and some preview clips from Mike DeStefano tomorrow, but today, here's Eliot Chang:

I'm a comedian and I'm…
…SUPER blessed that I get to be me as a job.

Word of advice…
…Don’t waste your time living someone else's dreams.

I'm not hilarious…
…always. I can’t stand people who are always “on.”

My secret is…
…that I understand how lucky I am to even be alive. I should have been dead 5 times already. Every glorious day I’m given is F’N awesome.

90% of comedy on TV…
…isn't funny.

Imitation is…
…kind of flattering but anytime someone recites my jokes back to me verbatim that’s MEGA-flattering.

A memoir by you…
I know it sounds like I’m making this up but crazy stuff like this happens to me all the time.

Soap box to haters…
…Everything I’ve achieved I was told could never be possible. And I did it on my own without agents or managers. So all you haters can kiss my ass, both cheeks, 2 times.

Definition of road-tail…
…Sex while driving.

How would you like the world to end?
Joint orgasm.

Comedy Central Presents Eliot Chang premieres Friday at 11pm / 10c, followed by Comedy Central Presents Mike DeStefano. A clip from the show and an exclusive video can be found below.



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