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According to Wikipedia, Myq Kaplan has a master's degree in linguistics from Boston University. Although, Wikipedia also says Apple released a laptop in 1994 called the PenisBook 503, so who knows what's really true anymore?

One thing is for sure though and that is that Myq Kaplan is a very funny dude, and you, I and the Wikipedia editors can all cite that fact together this Friday night when Comedy Central Presents Myq Kaplan premieres. You'll find some clips and an exclusive webcam video Myq made after the jump, but first, here's an interview he did for us.

I'm a comedian and…
…You're welcome and/or I'm sorry.

What's not funny?
Lying isn't funny. Telling the truth isn't funny. Playing "two truths and a lie" isn't funny. At least one of those, I think, has to be the right answer. Also, logical paradoxes aren't funny.

Most memorable heckle…
…I was telling a joke about how ghosts aren't real and someone said "Boo." As in "Boo, I am a human that disagrees," not "Boo! I'm a scary ghost that exists and disagrees." That would have been even more memorable.

A memoir by you…
…Two Truths and a Lie, where either the book jacket or the content or the title is a lie, and the others are the truth.

I'm not hilarious when…
…it's opposite day. Or when it ISN'T opposite day. Or maybe I'm not hilarious when I'm making "opposite day" jokes.

Definition of road-tail…
…the opposite of road-head.

My extreme energy drink would be called…

My secret is…
…nice try. My secret is I never reveal my secrets. Until now. Damn. You're good.

Imitation is…
…"the act or an instance of imitating." (That's my imitation of a dictionary. Imagine me looking more like a book… perfect.)

Soap box to haters…
…I'm with you! I get it!

How would I like the world to end?
I've heard you're supposed to be careful for what you wish for, because sometimes genies are mean. So, if the world HAS to end, I wish for it to be in happiness for everyone, including freedom for you, genie whose heart is melted by my compassion. Do I win?

Word of advice…
…only one word? I'm only allowed one advice word? Did I ruin it already? Is this too many words? I haven't even given any advice yet. Okay. Advice: if anyone ever asks you for a word of advice, don't do this.

Comedy Central Presents Myq Kaplan premieres Friday at 11:30pm / 10:30c, right after Comedy Central Presents Ryan Stout.



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