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This Week on The Daily Show: Mario Batali and Rosalynn Carter Celebrate Arbor Day with Grass Knuckles
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You've probably already seen this, but Patton Oswalt called out a small-time comedian named Nick Madson for stealing bits word-for-word. The Comic's Comic has a somewhat thorough run-down of the information available on this guy. [MySpace]

Speaking of the Comic's Comic, they also have a great interview with Matt McCarthy, who just released a new album called Come Clean. [Comic's Comic]

Get warmed up for Dov Davidoff's special Filthy Operations airing tomorrow at 11p / 10c by watching this video interview with him. [Punchline]

MTV is signing a deal for an animated comedy series from David Gordon Green. [Deadline]

Jason Reitman interviews Donald Glover, but it quickly just ends up becoming a conversation about how to hide the fact that they watch porn online. [Death and Taxes]

Mike Birbiglia talks about his story-telling style, "I could do jokes about panda porn for 10 minutes, but to hold an audience for 60 minutes, it’s nice if there’s more." [Gazette Times]

Paul Feig is directing Kristen Wiig in an upcoming movie? Sounds great, I'm in. [Variety]

I'm pretty excited for the Conan 60 Minutes interview this weekend. Some bits and pieces have been hitting the internet today. [The Live Feed]



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