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This Week on The Colbert Report: Ants, Trees and Your Mom The Daily Show's Best Apple Moments
by | comments:

You've probably seen video of President Obama performing at the Correspondents Dinner over the weekend. It's on the front page of the Internet this morning. And for good reason. It's pretty funny. Not as funny as that hilarious dumb President character George W. Bush used to always do, but few things are.

Well, it turns out the POTUS got a bit of comedy support from some of The Daily Show writers. Good job, Daily Show writers. Though I'm disappointed you couldn't convince Obama to do a bit with the "Go Fuck Yourself" gospel choir.

Meanwhile, in an alternate dimension in which the plane never crashed and Obama lost the election, President McCain got some help at this weekend's Correspondents Dinner from the writing staff at The Texaco Star Theater.

If you somehow missed Obama's performance, you can watch it below.

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