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Colbert Demonstrates BP's Cleanup Plan Before They Get Stale: Conan O'Brien, Colin Quinn and Patton Oswalt
by | comments:

Sometimes life gives you gifts you didn't know you wanted. For example, I did not know I wanted a YouTube video of Bill Murray reading poetry to construction workers, but as it turns out, life was like, "Merry Christmas!" I was like, "Today isn't Christmas?" And life was like, "Christmas is a human construct." I went, "True, but if you are above it as a human construct, then why appeal to the gift-giving aspect of it and not the seasonal aspect?" And life was like, "Jesus! Do you want to see Bill Murray recite poetry to construction workers or not?" And then I watched it, and life and I became best friends.

Do you guys hear that? That's the sound of life reminding us that sometimes the most beautiful gifts involve Bill Murray doing something.

[via The Daily What]



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