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Conan O'Brien's Writers Take Spotlight For TBS Special Countdown to Futurama: The Duh-Vinci Code Storyboards
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Dane Cook appeared on American Idol's finale last night to serenade Simon Cowell off into the sunset with a guitar and a song. [Comic's Comic, Comic's Comic talks to Cook]

Don Rickles was on Late Show with David Letterman and it's really fun watching them together. [Late Show]

If you haven't already listened to part two of the WTF with Marc Maron interview of Carlos Mencia, you owe it to yourself as a comedy fan to listen. [WTF with Marc Maron]

Jimmy Fallon revealed last night that his already famous Late Night bit Let Us Play with Your Look was originally pitched for Ferrell on SNL. Also, there's the great story of the infamous "Ron Incident." [Movieline]

I always knew Space Jam was basically just a sacred Mayan text starring a world-famous basketball players and cartoon characters from the forties. [Chicagoist]

There's a live-action Dilbert movie in the works. So now when you're boss does something stupid, you can say, "It's just like that movie based on that comic strip I used to read back when newspapers existed." [Pajiba]

Now that I realized "top kill" doesn't involve all the BP executives jumping from their headquarter building's roof, I'm not as excited about it. Fortunately, Donnell Rawlings has some new suggestions on how to fix the oil leak. [Huffington Post]



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