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Tosh.0: The Summer of Deep Vs! The First Five Minutes of Get Him to the Greek
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From Indecision

Everybody loves following the law, right? But where do they come from? For years and years, mankind has speculated about from where our speed limits, jaywalking directives and murder-in-the-face prohibitions have sprung. Some have suggested they were carried down from a big book in the heavens by a giant bird. Others say the bird was actually a reptile leathery. Still others say the wings were more of a pleather-like like material. Will these arguments have no end?

No! They will not have no end! Because something called the Design for America contest had a category called "How a Bill Becomes a Law" which led to this winning flowchart which is way to big to post up here on the blog in its entirety but is still a very interesting thing to read all the same…

Read the whole thing.

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