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How a Mash of Pig Lips and Cow Anus Becomes a Delicious Sausage (or How a Bill Becomes a Law) Countdown to Futurama: Mysterious Invention
by | comments:

Get Him to the Greek, directed by Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Nicholas Stoller, starring Russell Brand and Jonah Hill, comes out tomorrow. Tomorrow is also my birthday. So you could either A.) go to my birthday party or B.) watch Get Him to the Greek. Bad news, you're all not invited my birthday party. Good news, you're all invited by Universal Picture's marketing department to go see Get Him to the Greek. The first five minutes are online so you can distract from the pain of missing my amazing birthday party.

That's a pretty good first five minutes I think. After the jump, I've posted a short interview with Nicholas Stoller as well as some stand-up clips from Brand's stand-up.

He seems like a nice guy. I wonder if he'd like to attend my birthday party?

Here's a clip of Russell Brand doing stand-up.



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