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Chris Rock Is Never Scared (of Jay Leno) The Onion Knows News Before It Happens
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Tom McCaffrey, Carolyn Castiglia and Mara Herron bring us yet another hip hopsterpiece. I think this is my favorite so far. Good job, guys. [Punchline]

Mad props to Doogie Horner for fighting back against the instantly booing hordes of America's Got Talent audience members. Also, mad props to me for using the phrase mad props whilst being over the age of thirteen. [Comic's Comic]

Joan Rivers was interviewed by Terry Gross about her new documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. This is pretty great and worth a listen. [NPR]

Jane Lynch is flattered when weird seventeen-year-olds approach her saying they want to do her. [The Live Feed]

Seth Morris and Jon Daly are in this truly terrifying video that reminds me never to do drugs again. [Funny or Die]

Tim and Eric put this unaired clip from the HBO Funny or Die show online and it is pretty great. Frank Black is in it. You love Hüsker Dü! [Videogum]

A National Lampoon documentary is in the works. A year after it's released, there will be a straight-to-DVD sequel titled National Lampoon Documentary 2: Drunken Boob Beer Butts. [Variety]



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