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Maurice LaMarche Is As Excited About the New Futurama Season As You Are Goalie's Thoughts While Failing His Country
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Christian Finnegan talks about his new role in TBS's Are We There Yet?, "Being on a sitcom has never been an overt goal of mine, but I've always liked the idea of playing a prick." [Comic's Comic]

Samantha Bee says, "There was some discussion of calling it As Canadian as Apple Pie, which I really loved, but the publishers thought it would limit the audience for the book in the U.S." Translation: We are stupid. [National Post]

Paul Provenza talks about creating the perfect environment for his new show The Green Room, "It’s a lot like trying to mate pandas in captivity. Everything has to be just right or no one is getting a hard-on." [Punchline]

Hey, Simpsons fans, prepare to have your minds blown. [The Live Feed]

Steve Martin is going to host two shows at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal?! Whaaaaaaaaaaa?! [Comic's Comic]

Danny McBride is working on a new movie called Bullies about two bullies. Very apt title! [THR]

Christopher Titus talks about his new Fox sitcom pilot in development, "It starts at the beginning of my divorce, me hating love, realizing that love doesn't exist, and then meeting 'the one.'" [TV Squad]

If you ever wished your dog was immortal but also wished he was a frightening Satanic creature, boy have I got the thing for you. [Midnight Show]



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