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David Cross Is the Chopstick God of the British Before They Get Stale: Christian Finnegan, Steve Martin and Samantha Bee
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You know that song “Everybody Wants You,” where some of the lyrics are everybody wants you? I’ll bet you think that lyric is directed at whoever the listener is. Wrong. Billy Squier predicted the return of Futurama and decided to sing about the excitement surrounding the show’s sixth season premiere. Plus, everyone, including Billy Squier, could always use more pre-premiere swag.

In an interview, one of the show’s terrific actors, Maurice LaMarche, seems full of love. The voice behind Kif, Calculon, Morbo and many others discusses his affection for the show, his cast-mates, the writers and the upcoming season.

"We’ve just really hit our stride after five seasons. You’re going to be immensely blown away with how funny, and how much of an emotional center there is to the series this year," LaMarche said.

Enjoy the rest of the interview! And be sure to catch Futurama's sixth season, premiering Thursday, June 24 at 10pm / 9c.

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