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Patton Oswalt has a role in the new Harold and Kumar film. In related news, they are making a new Harold and Kumar film. [Collider]

So I saw this Louis C.K. profile right after posting his Father's Day message, or else I would have included it there. But I am not perfect! I am only human! This is a great profile by the way. [NY Times]

Joan Rivers talks about watching her documentary A Piece of Work, "There are parts that, no matter what, get me very emotionally upset. [At screenings] I usually come in toward the end." [Seattle Times]

Don't have anything to do tonight? 50 Best Jokes at 92Y Tribeca features 50 of the best New York comedians, including Tom Shillue, Myq Kaplan, Hari Kondabolu, Kurt Braunohler and 56 more great comics. [92Y]

Brian Posehn talks about how he is changing, "My act is in this strange transitional period because I'm a new dad, and so all the new stuff I'm writing is new dad stuff but still in the same tone." [The News Herald]

While most people are too busy playing TV or watching video games to read books, Sarah Silverman is a smarty-pants who reads books, like with words and sentences and periods. [NY Post]

Pauly Shore talks about not starring in Hollywood studio films, "Since they weren’t giving it to me anymore, there were two ways to be: go on Surreal Life or Sober House and go crazy, or do my own stuff. That’s what I do." [AV Club]

Do you guys know Josh Gondelman? He won this year's Laughing Skull Comedy Festival contest. He's very funny, and like almost everyone who's bumped into him says, he's about the nicest guy around. Here's an interview with him. [The Apiary]



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