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Backstage at Russell Simmons Presents: Kellye Howard, Fahim Anwar & Smokey Andrew Sullivan's Six Appearances on the Colbert Report in Six Years
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The latest episode of Marc Maron's excellent podcast features guest Dane Cook. [WTF]

If you thought Steve Carell was leaving The Office after next season to open a chain of fast-food restaurants that only serve dishes made from chinchilla meat, you're close, but wrong: "I just want to spend more time with my family.” [EW]

Louis C.K. talks about what makes him laugh, "I think everything is funny. I don’t think something has to be comedy to be funny. Actually, more cases than not, comedy is not that funny. Like, one of the funniest movies of all time to me is Goodfellas. I probably laughed harder at Goodfellas than I did at any SNL picture." [Punchline]

Speaking of Louis, he was on Lopez Tonight and was Very Funny™. [TBS]

And speaking of TBS, they ran a stand-up special last night featuring Conan's writers. [the comic's comic]

And speaking of guys named O'Brien, here's a video with Pat O'Brien. [Funny or Die]

Of all the readings of Tommy Lee's autobiography, this is by far the one by Will Forte! [My Damn Channel]

If Two and a Half Men isn't real or tan enough for you, good news! [AV Club]

You know that Venn diagram with one circle representing World Cup soccer and another circle representing District 9? Well, after the jump, there's finally something to put in the cross-section. [Atom]



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