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Sir Mix-A-Lot Doesn't Have Julian McCullough's Number Futurama Tackles the Hot-Button Issue of Robosexual Marriage
by | comments:

It's pretty common for some yahoo to file a claim that a popular film ripped off their utterly unknown book or play. But sometimes, you find a diamond in the rough. And then when you hold that diamond up to your face, you realize the diamond is also a banana. What I'm trying to say is this lawsuit is bananas.

A woman [named Pamela Lawrence] is demanding $20 million in damages from Sony Pictures, Chris Rock and other producers of the April comedy Death at a Funeral, claiming they ripped off her 1995 book [Caught on Video ... The Most Embarassing Moment de Funeral, July 11, 1994, Jamaican Volume 1.] about the embarrassment she suffered at a funeral in Jamaica when she was stripped of her clothing.

First of all, I can't wait for Volume 2 of Caught on Video… The Most Embarassing (sic?) Moment de Funeral, July 11, 1994 (which will then be ripped off by Grown Ups 2: Wild Hogs).

Second of all, while I'm pretty sure Chris Rock does not play a woman who is stripped of her clothing at a Jamaican funeral, this case still isn't that cuckoo beans yet. That's where Pamela's 54-page complaint comes in…

…Martin Lawrence plays a writer who is traveling from L.A. to New York and complains that if he doesn't get money, he'll have to do a reality show. In her book, Pamela Lawrence is a writer from New York traveling to Los Angeles with problems worthy of a talk show.

"Problems worthy of a talk show?" Do they just give out talk shows to people with problems? "Hey, my husband and I sleep in different beds and my kid is experimenting with drugs. May I please have my own talk show please?"

Lawrence says she was contacted by the co-vice chairman of Columbia TriStar to attend a "pitch meeting." (…) Later, she was allegedly told by them to "get lost, if you can afford to prove our action see you in court, we employee (sic) the best attorneys."

Pamela claims she sued the producer and they settled out of court. Then, a joke in the multi-million dollar film, which btw, costs millions of dollars to make, was only put into the film in order to personally insult Pamela. If this is true, she should be flattered!

Lawrence claims [the settlement] made its way into the 2010 film as a joke about Col. Harland Sanders stealing the recipe for KFC fried chicken from a slave and then settling a claim.
Wouldn't it be great if there was an even crazier claim that I could top off this blog post with?
Lawrence claims the defendants intended to destroy the "female competition" from the "inner city" in relevant markets… that Hollywood has a consistent pattern of discriminating against women as evidenced by the fact it took 82 years for a woman to win best director at the Oscars, and that this case is an example of why there are so few minorities at Sony Pictures.
"No, judge, this whole courtroom is out of order! Especially my brain, which is really, really out of order!"



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