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Comedy Central At Comic Con: Day Two, Ugly Americans Panel Backstage at Russell Simmons Presents: Ray Lipowski, Felipe Esparza and Lil Rel
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Steve Byrne's stand-up special The Byrne Identity premieres Sunday at 10pm / 9c. He recently talked about playing with stereotypes onstage, "You could say 'Asians are good at math. You get an easy laugh out of that. It's hacky. But actually getting to the basis of the stereotype — why are Asians good at math — I developed a joke out of it." [Pittsburgh Tribune Review]

Want more Steve Byrne? Here's another text interview and a video interview. [Punchline]

Steve Martin talks about the differences between performing stand-up and music, "It's just you out there on stage as a stand-up comedian, and with the music, I can actually look out at the people nodding their heads and there's a whole lot of artistry on the stage." [Springfield News-Leader]

Steve Carell's kids say things that are very darned, "Their sense of humor is very pure, and they don't even a lot of times know when they're being funny, because it's just so honest. And I think that's what makes them so funny." [People]

Kathy Griffin appears to be holding up okay after losing Levi Johnston to Bristol Palin. [MLive]

Gonzalo will continue to post updates from Comic Con all weekend here and on our Twitter. And if you're looking for more coverage of the convention, be sure to check out all the Comic Con content from our cousins and step-nieces:


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