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Comedy Central At Comic-Con: Day Two, Patton Oswalt Comedy Show Before They Get Stale: Steve Byrne, Steve Martin and Steve Carell
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Yesterday, I spent my day putzing around and eating gross pizza, but today we are all business (Also, today, I will be eating a gross hot dog instead). Ugly Americans had a panel and it was really fun. Among the attendees were show creators Devin Clark, David Stern, writer Jeffrey Poliquin, animator Aaron Augenblick, and cast members Randy Pearlstein (who moderated), Matt Oberg and Kurt Metzger.

The table reminds me of the famous Last Supper painting which was remade into an even greater Sopranos poster.

To get the recap of the rest of the panel, click after the jump.

Randy Pearlstein was the moderator. Did you know he was the writer of Cabin Fever? I didn't know that. I like that movie because I hate it when people's skin doesn't peel off them in movies (I'm looking at you, Citizen Kane).

The cast and crew explained the origins of Ugly Americans, which as you probably know, spun-off from a web series named Five On.

Devin Clark, an animator and illustrator who created Five On and Ugly Americans, talked about the original creation, saying, "It was originally an excuse to draw as many of the creatures as I could." David Stern, who is also a legendary Simpsons writer btw, further fleshed out the series as we know it now.

Some other interesting tidbits included how they changed some of the character designs after they were cast (As Kurt Metzger said, "By the way, you just made the character fatter"), and a discussion on the preparations involved with the voice cast (Matt Oberg said, "The preparation usually involves putting a shit on and then going to the microphone and then reading aloud and then going home.")

Then the Q&A happened (for those of you who don't know, "Q&A" stands for Questions and Asses). I asked the twitter question from @NewMexExpress: "Who were the inspirations for the characters? They were awesome."

The crew said many of the characters were based on years of comic book characters, but that Leonard was actually named after Devin's uncle and David Stern's dad. Aaron Augenblick said the basis of much of the animation were the old DC Comics.

Another interesting question from a fan was if there were any interesting notes from Standards and Practices. Dan Powell told us that in the pilot that "face beaver" had to be changed to "face-gina." Also, a leprechaun peeing into a decapitated corpse could not have its butt shown, so they added a thong to make it acceptable/more disturbing. As Devin added, "We learned the limits of how we can show butts."

After that, Randy stepped out into the crowd to conduct a trivia contest, where the winner would get drawn into an upcoming episode of the show.

The winner turned out to be Marshall from San Diego. Say hello, Marshall.

"Hello." – Marshall

Congrats, Marshall! He's just a kid and he's accomplished more than you!

After the panel, I did some shaky shaky flipcam videos with Kurt (voice of Randall) Metzger, Matt (voice of Mark) ObergĀ  and animator Aaron Augenblick. Move your head vigorously from side to side while you watch. I'm pretty sure that makes the video look steady and professional. Science!

Here's Kurt Metzger:

Here's Matt Oberg:

and here's Aaron Augenblick:

Alright, guys. I'm going to go eat a gross hot dog now! This place is a madhouse! Please don't let me go crazy like Leonardo DiCaprio did in that movie Nightmare On Growing Pains Street 3: Dream Warriors. (That joke didn't even begin to make sense! I'm tired!)



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