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First Look at Nick Swardson's Pretend Time Comedy Central At Comic-Con: Day Two, Patton Oswalt Comedy Show
by | comments:

I don't know if you guy's have heard of this show Futurama. We haven't really done a lot of coverage on it before and it's kind of obscure. FAKE OUT! It's very popular and we have written a lot of weird references to Parrotheads about it. I just got out of the Futurama panel and it was insane. So many fans. It was basically an ocean of people. And there was only slightly less oil in this ocean than in the real one. Oh, before we get into the actual coverage, I wanted to go with the big guns…

At the panel, we got to see a video clip from an upcoming episode which shows the future of the Planet Express crew. The complete video clip will be up on the site, but we have a screen grab from it. We are so great!

(Click to enlarge)

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Before the official panel, creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen, cast members Billy West, John Di Maggio, Maurice LeMarche and Lauren Tom talked to the press (my press credentials included an old timey news voice and a fedora).

"Without the Futurama fans, without their chronic and constant support, we would have given up." – Matt Groening

"As good as anything we've ever done." – David X. Cohen

I got a chance to ask a Twitter question from @schaeferboom12, "When will we see another Tales of Interest?" I took video of David X. Cohen's answer, and we're working on getting it up, but he said that while there won't be another Tales of Interest, there will be two episodes following that format (and one of them sounds particularly interesting), but I'll wait until we get video of Cohen explaining it to post it.

I also really loved David's story of the Comedy Central Standards and Practices where he recounted the only note they ever recieved from us. In the episode In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela, the censoring robot voiced by Chris Elliott bleeps out someone's curse. The only note the show has ever received was, "What was the word that he bleeped out because maybe we can say it?"

Matt Groening and David X. Cohen also both said one of their favorite episodes is the one airing this upcoming week, The Late Phillip K. Fry. The preview image we posted at the top of the post is from that episode.

As a special surprise, the people behind Guinness World Records (Mr. and Mrs. Guinness?) awarded the cast and crew of Futurama the world record for current most critically acclaimed animated series.

After the press got to ask their questions, I ran to the official Futurama panel. It was the same people plus a few extra cast and crew members, which included Phil LaMarr, Ken Keeler, Patrick Verron, Crystal Chesney-Thompson and Claudia Katz. Matt Groening came out and introduced a clip and they did a live read-through of an upcoming episode.

"We haven't exhausted the long list of ideas we wanted to do at the beginning of the show." – Matt Groening.

So that was fun. Bonus: Here's a picture of Katey Segal, who voices Leela, and Lauren Tom, who voices Amy, signing comic books for fans. Nerds love autographs!

Futurama? More like Funurama (Sorry! I'm tired!) In case you forgot, an all-new Futurama airs Thursday at 10pm / 9c.



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