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Comedy Central at Comic Con: Goodbye Comic-Con! I Will Miss You! Comedy Central At Comic Con: Day Three/Four, House of Blues Show
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As Comic Con 2010 shuts down, all the booths pack up their exclusive Tron bobble heads and I write up my final panel recap. The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia panel is as good a way to end it as any other show. Before the cast came out, we were shown a full upcoming episode of the show. Dee is now pregnant and the episode centers around the gang trying to find out which one of them knocked her up. It kind of reminds me of many great works that try to solve a mystery with the use of point of view flashbacks, like Rashomon or One Night at McCools. So that was fun…

Then the cast came out, which included Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenny, Danny DeVito and Mary Elizabeth Ellis.

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Midway through the panel, someone asked about Cricket and David Hornsby, the actor who plays Cricket, was revealed to be in the audience. He was called up to the stage and took a seat.

"Is Cricket dead?" -Fan "No, he's right over there!" -The Cast

Hello, Cricket!

The cast talked about how much improv went into the show.

"We script everything and then we dick around." – Rob McElhenny

"This goddamned baby's really ruined a lot." -  Kaitlin on her pregnancy.

The cast wanted to stay and keep answering questions, but they were being kicked out for the Buffy sing-a-long (don't ask?) They tried to keep the room by riling up the crowd, but it didn't work. Joss Whedon's arm is too long!

Good bye, cast of It's Always Sunny! See you on the television!

New episodes of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia air in a two-hour block Monday nights starting at 9pm / 8c.



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