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Comedy Central at Comic Con: Day Four, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Panel First Look at Nick Swardson's Pretend Time
by | comments:

Guys, let me admit something you right away. I am eeeeeeeggggggsssss-hausted. So many eggs. So many -hausted. I want to bring you a full report of tonight's House of Comedy show (where we showcased much of our talent currently creating and contributing to Comedy Central shows), but what I am going to do, is let your imaginations flow through you.

Did I mention I am a big James Cameron fan? I let your imagination flow by making up for my weird writing with the use of impressive technology. Here is the entire show in IMAX 3D images…

"LMAO! These boreintals suck azzzzzzzzzz!" – Pete Holmes talking about YouTube

Just kidding! We don't have these in 3D because Comedy Central wouldn't spring for a camera the size of a computer from the sixties. First up, Pete Holmes hosted and he was great.

I don't like to bullshit. I'm all business all the time. And for my business money, Pete is one of the best comics around. The crowd was a little disruptive, but Holmes really turned them around so fast. Great job, Pete! Here's a Marvel No Prize (that reference is for nerds that remember that weak gag from the Marvel letters page. You're welcome, geeks!)

Click after the jump to continue reading.

After that, Shane Mauss took the stage and performed his set. He was great. You don't need me to tell you Shane is funny. He has an album so you can hear for yourself.

After that, Chris Gethard performed some stand-up, reading from an old fan letter he sent that was published in an issue of X-Force concerning the death of Multiple Man. In other words, tailor made for Comic-Con.

I've seen Chris do that bit before and it's really fun. As he states, his letter was clearly a cry for help and cry for helps are innately funny.

Adam DeVine, of the upcoming Comedy Central show Workaholics, also performed. So much show! Jam packed! Packed with jam!

Oh my God, guys. We're not even really halfway through, but I'm really proud of these photos because I used the fancy kind of confusing camera and it was hard to figure out how to use it, so let's keep chugging!

Here's a fun fact. I cropped a pretty graphic YouTube video image from this picture of Matt Oberg and Randy Pearlstein. They performed a bit where they ran through the history of voice over acting for animation. Very fun!

Kurt Metzger was great. He did one of my favorite of his bits, the Cash 4 Gold bit. He also performed it at his Last Comic Standing audition. It's such a solid bit.

After that we had Maria Bamford

If you don't know Maria is great, then you should probably SHUT UP, ALREADY!

Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell performed a sketch wherein they played Aaron Neville and Tom Brokaw. SNL up in this bitch.

Nick Swardson did a little bit of stand-up before showing us a clip of his upcoming show Nick Swardson's Pretend Time. Wheelchair cat!

Guys, we are at the end of our show. Only one performer left. As a special surprise, John Oliver came out as the headliner of the evening and killed it.

"I came to America. Much like Eddie Murphy."

The show was really fun. The party was really fun. Open bar! Tiny cheeseburgers (I would have called them baby cheeseburgers, but that sounds like they were made out of babies)! In conclusion, I had fun last night and if you weren't there, you missed out and should probably call your lawyer and sue someone. Not us!



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