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This Week on The Daily Show: It's Back! It Really Came Back! Exclusive First Look at the Next Six Episodes of Futurama
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Long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a motion picture transformed the landscape of American film, influenced pop culture for decades to come and defined a generation of young moviegoers. I'm speaking, of course, about Captain Ron. Puzzlingly though, there haven't been a ton of segments about Captain Ron on The Colbert Report, so I went ahead and threw together a collection of Star Wars-related clips instead. The midi-chlorians in these videos are through the roof!

Stephen Promises Never to Eat an Ewok

The list continues below.

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Stephen Eats an Ewok

We Have a Death Star!

Green Screen Challenge: Goodbye, Darth Maul!

Commemorating Pete Mayhew's Citizenship

Green Screen Challenge: The Finalists

Green Screen Challenge: The Winner

Lightsaber Duel with George Lucas



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